Airbrush Tanning Spray or Spray Tanning has been a while very popular in America and England. It is a safe and easy way to get a beautiful golden brown result in a few hours time. What does spray tanning actually mean? Tan without harmful UV rays of the sun. But it is more than this. You are after all in a few hours evenly brown. This is accomplished by applying our Spray Machine with our Home Tan System tanning liquid across the skin. This liquid is called DHA (Di-HydroxyAcetone) causes your skin cells are naturally brown. DHA is a colorless sugar, which reacts to the skin's own proteins and amino acids in the top layer of skin. This causes a reaction, a brown discoloration, which is very much like a natural tan. Excess applied DHA is naturally rinsed after the first shower turn. This brown skin color, offers no protection against UV radiation as present in the solarium. The higher value you are getting from the DHA sprayed, the browner hue. So a 10% DHA CLEAR liquid gives a lighter complexion than 12% or 15% DHA Medium DARK lotion. Spray tanning is especially perfect for your wedding or other special occasion. With our unique Home Tan System you can spraytan in your own bathroom doing the spray tan without being required to leave the house. With this Spraytan machine you can Spraytan at home without underwear; you will not easily do this in a salon! So Tan Home System offers you all the ease of a professional spray-tan, in your own home. The spray tanning solutions from Home Tan System will not give you an orange color, but a simply beautiful deep brown result !

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