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The Newest Spray Tan machine on the market !

The advantages:

1.  Get a full body Spray tan in 5 minutes with this tanning system.
2.  You don't need to build a tent any more !
3.  You will get a nice brown tan without the sun. Sunless tans !
4.  No more skin aging !
5.  No more risk of getting Skincancer !
6.  This Self tan moisturises your skin and is super safe ! It is self tanning.
7.  You can use the spray tan machine in any place. No more tan salons !
8.  You only need to spray tans once a week with this machine.
9.  You don't need anybody to spray your body. It is a self tanning system !
10. The Spraytan machine is spraying your body automatically. It is Self tanning !
11. Very cheap tanning with home tan system. Only 5 dollars for a full body tan !
11. Home Tan System is for everybody; young and old ! No restrictions...

Watch the video !


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